Lygiu galimybiu kontrolieriaus tarnyba

The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson

The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson is a state institution established in 1998 to supervise the implementation of the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania on Equal Opportunities of Women and Men (1999) and Equal Treatment (2005).

The Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson investigates complaints related to discrimination and sexual harassment, reports about the implementation of this Law and submits recommendations to State government and administration institutions on the revision of legal acts and the priorities in the policy of the implementation of equal rights.


he Office is very active in public and nongovernmental sectors in Lithuania and abroad ensuring the gender-balanced, sustainable development of the society and participates in national and international projects. The Office was initiator of the compulsory training programme for governmental officials on gender equality issues. The Office keeps close contacts with the European Ombudsman Institute.

Lygiu galimybiu kontrolieriaus tarnyba
Seimyniskiu G. 1a
LT-09312 Vilnus
P:+370 5 261 2787