KMOP - Family and Childcare Centre

KMOP is a leading Greek NGO with strong expertise in social inclusion, gender equality, immigrants, employability, VET and citizenship, with a focus on vulnerable social groups such as women,immigrants, one parent families, elderly and mentally ill persons as well as youth and long-term unemployed.

Since its establishment, KMOP has developed and implemented numerous successful large-scale national and European projects. KMOP provides comprehensive support and vocational training courses promoting the social and labour inclusion of disadvantages groups. One of KMOP’s areas of special expertise concern vocational and educational training as well as mental health.

KMOP employs nearly 80 professionals, in-house, most of whom have advanced degrees and several years of practical experience. Moreover, since 2004 KMOP operates a Day Care Centre in central Athens for persons with mild to moderate mental health issues and 3 Group Houses for people with severe mental illness.

Κέντρο Μέριμνας Οικογένειας και Παιδιού
75 Skoufa Str.
10680 Athens
P: +30 210 3639758