Inova Consultancy Ltd

Inova Consultancy is a female-owned small business which specialises in providing consultancy services and project work in the field of gender and non-traditional fields and entrepreneurship. Inova has specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at women starting up or developing their business.

Inova has also developed personal development/soft skills development workshops and developed the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles for women entrepreneurs in the UK, combining peer learning with mentoring and coaching.

Inova has extensive networks of individuals and organisations committed to increasing the numbers of women in under-represented courses and careers e.g. self-employment, across Europe and has vast experience of working on transnational projects, understanding dissemination, mainstreaming and evaluation requirements.

Inova Consultancy Ltd
Suite 5, Leecroft House
58 - 64 Campo Lane
S1 2EG
United Kingdom
P:+44 114 27 99 091