Centar za edukaciju, savjetovanje i istraživanje

Center for Education, Counselling and Research

CESI is feminist organization that advocates for advancement of women in our society and realization of gender equality, and for full implementation of all laws and international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.

CESI has been actively working for 16 years in Croatia and in the region on the advancement of human rights and achieving of gender equality.

With the regular staff of 5 and 10 external experts CESI is implementing and developing actions thorough the main programs of: Advocating for gender equality, Center for Women's Leadership, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Prevention of gender based violence, Social justice and equal opportunities, International cooperation and development, and through developing and providing of position papers and statements as well as expertise and services.

CESI team consists of professionals, activists, researchers and educators.

Centar za edukaciju, savjetovanje i istraživanje
Nova cesta 4
10000 Zagreb
P:+ 385 1 24 22 800